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Gallbladder Removal Diet | Long Term

Maintaining a healthy gallbladder diet removal long term is the most important combatant that you can use.


In order to maintain a healthy gallbladder and prevent gallstone formation, it is recommended that one follows a diet plan that is low in fat and cholesterol and high in fiber. Taking plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean meat, fish and chicken can help in keeping your gallbladder healthy. Certain studies show that caffeinated coffee and peanuts may also help in preventing gallstone formation.

Recommended Foods For Gallbladder Diet:

Foods such as skim milk, low fat cheese, whole grain bread, cereal with skim milk, pasta, steamed veges, lean meat, fruit juice, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, ginger and turmeric in your diet can help in promoting gallbladder health and also lessen symptoms experienced with gallbladder problems. Also be sure to drink plenty of water. If you enjoy eating desserts and snacks, be sure to avoid foods that are heavily processed. Desserts like fat free yogurt, wheat crackers, bran crackers, skim milk desserts, angel food cake and jelly beans are generally recommended.

Vegetables and fruits such as carrots, beetroot, grapes, lettuce, banana, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon and lettuce, guava, papaya, garlic, celery and apples in your diet are good for gallbladder health.  People who are overweight or obese are generally at a risk of developing gallstones. However it is recommended that obese individuals do not lose weight too quickly as rapid weight loss may also lead to gallstone formation. Weight loss should be done gradually and consistently with a nutritious diet combined with regular exercise.

Foods To Avoid:

Heavily processed and fatty foods such as ice creams, doughnuts, sodas, chocolate, whole dairy products, fried food, foods heavy in butter and cream cheese, and white flour should be avoided to improve your gallbladder health and maintain a wholesome diet.

Gallbladder Diet Meal Plan:

Here is a sample meal plan that you could follow,

Breakfast: Fresh apple juice, whole grain cereal in skim milk, whole wheat bread with a spread of margarine, and tea or caffeinated coffee.

Lunch: For lunch you could have some graham crackers which are rich in bran and wheat, low fat yogurt, tomato soup, a vegetable salad and a bowl of Quaker oats.

Snack: In the evening you could have a light snack of pistachios, peanuts, graham crackers, angel food cake and a glass of skim milk.

Dinner: Your dinner could include  a bran dinner roll, pasta with chicken or lean meat and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

For women undergoing pregnancy and for individuals who have had their gallbladder removed a similar low fat high fiber diet is recommended but it is still best to consult your doctor.

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